Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sites you might want to bookmark

In keeping with the theme that i've been writing about the past couple of days, i wanted to feature a few online tools that once again don't need to be installed on your computer, but are very useful to just about anyone. I like that these go beyond portable apps, and are just websites that help with everyday productivity. Sites that you'd want available at a moment's notice, and are just a bookmark away.

For freelance writers, and anyone who writes in general, there's the online word count tool..  And it does what it says, takes a manuscript and counts the words that are in it.  I find this too extremely useful when writing assignments and papers and really for anything where you need to write a specific number of words. Bookmark it. It'll come in handy.

The second site that i find pretty handy, is one that i discovered a couple of days ago.  Not sure how "safe" it is, but the concept is pretty nifty. This particular site checks how strong your password is, and based on brute force cracking techniques, it calculates approximately how long a computer will take to crack your password. Now i'm sure there are concerns about the site being a password harvester, but the source code is available if you want to check that out, and if you really want to try it, you can try out passwords that are similar to your password, or you could load up the page, and disconnect your internet, turn off your wifi, put on your tinfoil hat before you enter your actual password. And if you took my advice about using leetspeak for your passwords you'll see what a good idea that was. My example Christm4str33 will take about 633 million years to crack. So use leetspeak. It really is a great way to come up with secure passwords.

Another set of online tools that i find useful are ones help you create content. and i just found this website that does this in bunches. Aviary.com boasts a whole suite of online content creation tools. From image editors, to color editors, to image markup tools, to audio editors, Aviary's suite of tools look extremely useful for anyone who has a website and wants to put some good content on it. It actually looks pretty amazing, so i'll check it out and report back to the blog, when i figure out what else it does.  Gotta love finding new useful websites. And with that i bid you adieu, until next post anyway. I'm sure these will keep you occupied for a while. At least the last one will.  I know i'll  be spending some time on it. Have fun y'all.


  1. That password one is brilliant.

  2. Those sound really useful. I'll have to give them a go.

  3. thanks for the information! Following you.

  4. Everyone should use 1337 passwords ! And I also think it's not recommended to write your true password in this kind of website. Great post, thanks for the links

  5. This is some great stuff, keep it up !