Friday, October 1, 2010

Free Friday: Online Storage

Okay so it's been a busy week, i've posted a lot of information, and i figure today i could just hang out and write a bit about trends on the net.  I'm sure that you all know about torrents by now, and about pirate bay, and maybe you've even managed to score yourself a demonoid account from some hapless fool with the promise of porn. Well look no further hapless fool, on the net, porn's free and if you're paying for it, you deserve to be scammed of your demonoid account. Dummy!

Anyway, my adventures online have pretty much led me to the conclusion that unlike most things outside of mom's basement, a lot of media can be found online. and because it's online, it's free. and i like free. That way i can spend my money on more important things like beer, or new gear, or pay bills or something like that.  Hopefully y'all like free as well, cos that's what this here post is all about.

First things first. email. i know i know everyone and their dog has an email account these days so i'm gonna run through the first few of these quickly.  Email's free. hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, to the point that there are even 10 minute email address now,  just in case you want to register on a website without giving out your actual email address.  The cool thing about free email is that it also doubles as filestorage. Google gives you 7 gigs of space for attachments and things, and this can be a pretty good place to store single mp3s saved as attachments in drafts if you don't have the space on your computer. I'm pretty sure hotmail and yahoo also offer over a gig in space, so make use of it. hide pictures of exes that you can blackmail them with later. (j/k) don't blackmail anyone. you just might get hit with a bad batch of karma.

If you want a little bit more space, than that 20 meg attachment limit will allow, there's the online filestorage sites. mediafire, megaupload, hotfile, sendspace, there are a few others, and i know someone's gonna mention rapidshare, but since rapidshare changed it's user policies, trying to get people to sign up for premium accounts, more and more people have stopped using rapidshare, and have moved onto the more convenient file hosts. (Hotfile being one of the more popular these days, mostly because they pay for every 1000 downloads of your files) I think the filesize limit on these are up to a gigabyte now. With most users being able to upload/download up to a gig without having to sign up for their premium services. So they're well worth it if you want to share an album or a video or something with someone.  Check them out.

The third option is something i've mentioned before in the portable apps post.  Which are for online backups. Sites like Mozy, Dropbox, Windows Live Skydrive offer varying amounts of drivespace for your backup solutions. I think mozy and dropbox go up to 2 gigs for free, and skydrive offers a whopping 25 gigs of free space for personal consumption.  I'm sure there are other paid alternatives, like unlimited storage on mozy for like 5 bucks a month or something but this is about free. So i'm not going to go into that. Anyway, that's that on the online storage front. There really are a lot of options these days, and as computers get faster, and storage gets cheaper, there really is no reason for someone not to backup their important files.

So that's your friday tip. Online storage is free. (for the most part,)  so store and share those files. Could be anything.  your music collection, pictures of your cats. comic book scans. porn. whatever. On the plus side, freeing up your hard drive space, will help make your computer run faster.  And everyone can use a faster computer. As always, be safe out there, and hope y'all have a good weekend. Til next post.


  1. i love dropbox, its good for sharing files too!

  2. i like free too lol.

    online storage is really useful though, thanks for the tip

  3. Free is always good, until they say "pay for more storage space" :(

  4. DropBox is good. So is SkyDrive.

    THIS is what cloud is good for...not sensitive data, but stuff you want to bullshit around with...images, videos...random documents.