Monday, September 27, 2010

Search Engines

So you've played with Google Instant, and maybe messed around with Bing, or something. but one of the search engines i've found way useful in acquiring uh, media that falls into a somewhat grey area of legality is Filestube.   If you're looking for anything, it doesn't have to be something that's w4r3z or anything, filestube is your friend.

Almost everything is on the internet. Except for cars. you wouldn't download a car would you?  But most media, is on the internet. and because it's on the internet, for people with the know how, that usually means it's free.  This is where filestube comes in. What it basically is, is a search engine that crawls webpages and looks for links that point to stuff that's hosted on major filesharing websites. Hotfile, Rapidshare, Megaupload and so on and so forth.  And it indexes the results for easy searching. so what this means is that everything you download is pretty much online rather than say, bittorrent, or limewire. So there's no more cussing out the dude on the dialup connection who has the last piece of the torrent you're pulling down. It's easy, it's convenient, it's almost brainless.  As with everything on the internets though, you never know what you're gonna get, and i've gotten virused and malwared from stuff that i've pulled down. so be careful, make sure your sources are legit, and that the files really are what they say they are.  Don't go blindly downloading stuff you're not sure of.  And filestube helps you here, by posting the source of the links. so you can check out the webpages it came from.

Just remember the net's a scary place.  Pictures of gaping assholes and cheese pizza lurk in it's deepest and darkest corners. So be safe.

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